Iowa Corrections COVID-19 Information

Information related to the Department's response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) will be posted here as it becomes available. 

First: If you are sick and believe you may have COVID-19, please do not come to a correctional facility, and contact your healthcare provider immediately. Staff should contact their supervisor immediately. 

(The DOC Public hotline is for information related to the DOC COVID-19 response.  Operators are available Monday through Friday during normal business hours.  The COVID-19 Hotline is not operational on State holidays.)

  • For information on PPE and Hand Sanitizer produced by Iowa Prison Industries, click here. 
  • For links to reliable information related to COVID19, click here. 
  • For all information related to steps the DOC has taken to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, please click here. 
  • For those with a loved-one incarcerated, please click here. 

Quick stats

Prison Inmates Tested Inmates Positive Inmates No Longer Positive Staff Positive* Staff No Longer Positive COVID Related  Inmate Deaths 
Anamosa 2,293 0 868 1 154 6
Clarinda 4,677 0 602 0 62 1
Fort Dodge 6,390 1 562 0 91 4
ICIW 2,264 0 22 0 38 0
IMCC 11,850 7 504 0 108 5
ISP  2,158 0 229 0 98 2
Mt. Pleasant 5,234 1 784 0 60 0
Newton  5,257 176 620 4 47 1
North Central 945 0 389 0 34 0
Total  41,068 185 4,580 5 692 19

(Last update: 3/1/21 ​at 5:00 p.m.) 

*Some staff data is reliant on self-reporting.

**Number of staff that have passed away with COVID-19: 2

  • November 16: Staff member from Iowa Correctional Institution for Women
  • November 28: Staff member from Clarinda Correctional Facility 


Inmates tested: Means tests administered to inmates; may include individual inmates that were tested multiple times. 
Inmates positive: Means inmates that are currently considered "positive," whether symptomatic or asymptomatic, but have not qualified as "recovered." 
Inmates no longer positive: Means inmates that have had COVID-19, but have qualified as recovered from their illness and are believed to no longer be contagious. 

**Due to HIPAA regulations, the department is limited in what information it can provide in connection to employee health information

If you are a member of our staff with questions, please click here. 



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