Safety Planning- Victim Wrap Around

The Victim Wrap Around, or VWA, is a process initiated when there are specific concerns for a victim's, or other affected person's, safety during the release process of an incarcerated person, or during a parolee's time on supervision.  A VWA may also occur when an incarcerated person/parolee has leveled a threat to cause harm to someone and when the danger is imminent.

The goal of a VWA is to create a safety plan that incudes input and resources from a variety of criminal justice professionals in collaboration with a victim or the target of the threat.


A Victim Wrap Around may be initiated by:

1. The target of the threat or a member of the target's family;

2.  Corrections staff;

3.  Criminal justice professionals; or

4.  Community victim advocates.


How do I request a VWA?

Contact the Office of Victim & Restorative Justice Programs

Mary Roche - Director of the OVRJP


Or, email 

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