Clarinda Correctional Facility Plans for the Future

By Focusing on Recruitment, CCF Keeps an Eye Towards the Future 

This article was written by staff at the Clarinda Correctional Facility 
March, 2018

Pursuing the future is something that we always need to do.  A piece of this for the Clarinda Correctional Facility is actively pursuing future staff that are taking an active role in their academic career.  Officer Rick Pace Jr. (pictured) as well as his father Rick Pace Sr. volunteered to take on the challenge of pursuing future endeavors by attending the college job fair Thursday March 8th, hosted by Northwest Missouri State in Maryville Missouri this past week. 

These two individuals worked as representatives not only for the Clarinda Correctional Facility, but the Iowa Department of Corrections as well, looking for those who were wanting to challenge themselves. 

If you are wanting to take on a career that has big rewards look for our postings on the department's Facebook page as well as with the Iowa Department of Administrative services at:

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