For Families During COVID19

For families and loved-ones during the COVID-19 Crisis: 

The department has recorded regular updates for those with a loved-one incarcerated. The most recent videos will appear at the top of this page, but previous updates can be found at the bottom of the page. 

Update 11/23/21: Final time that 4 free o-mails per week will be issued due to the fact that in-person visitation and video visitation are now available.

Update 11/21/21: Final time that (1) free 5 minute phone call per week will be loaded for all incarcerated persons due to the fact that in-person visitation and video visitation are now available.

Update: 6/30/21 - Visitation

Update: 5/28/21: This week's update for the public and those with a loved-one incarcerated can be viewed at this link. 

Update 3/24/20: Each incarcerated person now has the ability to send 4 free o-mails per week. Their 4 free o-mails refresh every Tuesday. 

Update 3/30/20: Each incarcerated person now may place one free 5 minute phone call each week. Their free call refreshes every Sunday.


Each facility has a temporary video visitation solution in place. Availability may depend on demand that week. 

Those already on an inmate's visiting list: Please visit and watch the "how to" video before scheduling your video visit.

For information on how the process works, please visit:

In order to conduct a video visit, the visitor will need to utilize "Google Meet" video platform (free and available on any internet-connected device). 


Spring 2020: For those that have a loved-one currently incarcerated, the director has recorded a message for you. 

Update 7/8/20: As we continue to operate under during the challenge of COVID-19, the Director has recorded an update for you

Update: 7/13/20:  view interview here. 

Update: 7/24/20: view interview here. 

Update 7/30/20: viewed at this link

Update 8/7/20: viewed at this link. 

Update: 8/20/20: viewed at this link. 

Update 8/28/20: viewed at this link. 

Update 9/4/20: viewed at this link. 

Update 9/11/20: viewed at this link. 

Update 9/18/20: viewed at this link. 

Update 10/2/20:  viewed at this link. 

Update 11/6/20:  viewed at this link. 

Update 11/13/20: viewed at this link. 

Update 11/20/20: viewed at this link.

Update: 11/30/20: viewed at this link. 

Update 12/19/20: viewed at this link.

Update 2/3/21:  viewed at this link. 

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