Policy No Subject Effective Date Redacted
IO-HO-05 Short-Term Restrictive Housing 03/2019 No
HSP-1003 Dental Infection Control 12/2020 No
HSP-1001 Dental Services Overview 01/2019 No
HSP-911 Blood and Body Fluid/Tissue Exposure 11/2021 No
HSP-907 General Control Measures 11/2020 No
HSP-906 Diseases Reportable to the Iowa Department of Public Health 11/2020 No
HSP-905 Disease Specific Precautions 11/2020 No
HSP-904 Universal/Bioterrorism Precautions 11/2020 No
HSP-903 Tuberculosis Infectious Disease Control 11/2021 No
HSP-902 Ectoparasites Infestation 11/2020 No


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