Staff Assault: Iowa State Penitentiary

Thursday, July 11, 2019

FORT MADISON – Three staff members were assaulted while on duty at the Iowa State Penitentiary earlier today.

Based on a preliminary review of the incident, it appears that at 10:22 a.m, two inmates began to assault another inmate in a housing unit at the prison. It appears that the attackers had multiple sharpened objects that were being used to cut the inmate that was being attacked. Correctional officers responded to the incident immediately, but in attempting to subdue the attacking inmates, three officers suffered what appear to be minor injuries. It does not appear that the officers were cut by the attackers.   

Two of the officers that were assaulted were taken via department vehicles to the local hospital to be seen by medical professionals. The third officer was seen by institution medical personnel and returned to their post. 

The inmate that was originally being assaulted was taken to the hospital via department vehicle, and is receiving medical attention at this time. His wounds appear to be non-life-threatening. 

All visiting is suspended while the institution is under restricted movement.

This incident remains under investigation.



Printed from the Iowa Department of Corrections website on April 10, 2021 at 1:58pm.