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Prison Rape Elimination Act

The Iowa Department of Corrections policy PREA-02 addresses sexual assault and sexual harassment investigations within all IDOC.  This policy states: β€œThe designated Deputy Director/Designee shall determine when the evidence is sufficient for criminal prosecution and shall refer appropriate incidents to criminal authorities. All referrals shall be documented.”  Trained internal investigators from the Iowa Department of Corrections conduct administrative investigations.

Any investigation involving potential criminal behavior is investigated by a local law enforcement agency as outlined below.

First District

Waterloo Women's Center for Change - Waterloo Police Department

Waterloo Residential Correctional Facility - Waterloo Police Department

Dubuque Residential Facility - Dubuque Police Department

West Union Residential Facility - West Union Police Department


Second District

Fort Dodge Residential Facility - Fort Dodge Police Department

Marshalltown Residential Facility - Marshalltown Police Department

Beje Clark Residential Facility - Mason City Police Department


Third District

Sioux City Residential Treatment North Facility - Sioux City Police Department

Sioux City Residential Treatment South Facility - Sioux City Police Department


Fourth District

Residential Correctional Facility - Council Bluffs Police Department

Residential Treatment Center - Council Bluffs Police Department


Fifth District

Fort Des Moines Residential Facility Complex - Des Moines Police Department

Fresh Start Women’s Center - Des Moines Police Department


Sixth District

Lary A Nelson Center - Cedar Rapids Police Department

Gerald R Hinzman Center - Cedar Rapids Police Department

Anchor Center for Women - Cedar Rapids Police Department

Hope House - Coralville Police Department


Seventh District

605 Main Work Release Center - Davenport Police Department

Residential Correctional Facility – Davenport Police Department


Eighth District

Ottumwa Residential Facility - Ottumwa Police Department

Burlington Residential Facility - Burlington Police Department