The site,, allows Iowans to view administrative rules that are open for comment, rules that are receiving higher views than others, comment on rules online, find contact information for each specific rule, learn how much longer the comment period is open and inquire about the administrative rule process.

Iowa Code §17A.7 (2) states the following:
Beginning July 1, 2012, over each five-year period of time, an agency shall conduct an ongoing and comprehensive review of all of the agency’s rules. The goal of the review is the identification and elimination of all rules of the agency that are outdated, redundant, or inconsistent or incompatible with statute or its own rules or those of other agencies. An
agency shall commence its review by developing a plan of review in consultation with major stakeholders and constituent groups. When the agency completes the five-year review of the agency’s own rules, the agency shall provide a summary of the results to the administrative rules coordinator and the administrative rules review committee.

The most recent review was completed in 2022