Options for ordering books for friends, families and incarcerated individuals. 

Sending Books

This is outlined in the Incoming Publications policy.  

  1. Purchases may be made by incarcerated individuals from an institution approved vendor list. 
  2. A third party may place money on an incarcerated individual’s DOC account to purchase publications through an approved vendor. 
  3. A third party may also purchase books so long as the items are sent directly from the following approved vendors (Books N Things and Edward R. Hamilton Books), and the third party sender is an individual with whom the incarcerated individual is allowed to correspond per IDOC policy OP-MTV-01, Incarcerated Individual Correspondence. 
  4. Institutional staff may remove and dispose of items from magazines (i.e. advertising cards, sample products, etc.) prior to issuing the magazine; articles or content shall not be removed.   

If the purchase was not through an approved book vendor, it would not be allowed. 

Paperback Books