Victim Services

Office of Victim and Restorative Justice Programs
Mary Roche, LMHC, Director
Iowa Department of Corrections
510 E. 12th Street – Suite 4
Des Moines, IA 50319

The Office of Victim and Restorative Justice Programs encourages victims’ involvement in the criminal justice system by providing opportunities to participate in decisions concerning an offender’s liberty. The Office provides victims with support, information and services based on the principles of Restorative Justice.

What services are available for victims of crime?

  • Crisis intervention and advocacy throughout the corrections process
  • Assisting victims with concerns related to inmates and parolees under our jurisdiction
  • Registration and Notification
  • Sex Offender Notification
  • Restitution/Compensation
  • Victim Offender Dialog

Victim Advisory Council

The Office of Victim and Restorative Justice Programs is supported by the DOC Victim Advisory Council (VAC). The VAC membership includes victims/survivors, victim advocates, criminal justice professionals, and other interested community members.  The Mission of the VAC is, "to strengthen the voice, increase the presence, and promote the interests of those harmed by crime in the policies, programs and practices of the Iowa Department of Corrections."

View a history of the development of this office and the VAC.

JOURNEY NEWSLETTER – a publication of the Iowa DOC Victim Advisory Council

Restorative Justice
Common Terms You May Need to Know
Iowa Crime Victims Rights Law Chapter 915
Local/National Victim Resources
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