Confidential Victim Input Statement

If you are a DOC Registered Victim, this Victim Input Statement offers you the opportunity to provide important information to Correctional Counselors while the offender is incarcerated.  When offenders enter our prison system, they undergo a variety of assessments to determine where they will be housed, the types of programs they need to complete, and their plans when they are eventually released. The majority of incarcerated offenders will, at some point, be released back into society.  This Victim Input Statement is an opportunity for you to share any concerns and can be submitted to our Office of Victim Programs at any point during an offender’s incarceration.

During Incarceration

As a matter of policy, incarcerated offenders are not allowed contact with any current or previous victim of any of their offenses.  Please contact our office should this offender attempt to have unwanted contact with you while incarcerated.

If you are a family member or significant other of this offender and also a victim of his/her offense, you may be eligible to have contact and visits. In general, this may occur once the offender is active in treatment. Please contact our office if you have concerns or questions about contact/visiting.

If you are NOT a family member or significant other and wish to have some type of contact with this offender, please refer to the Office of Victim and Restorative Justice Programs brochure for more information.

Release Planning

While it may be difficult to think about this offender’s eventual release, and even though it may be many years in the future, we would like to offer you input into any release planning we do.  If you would like, please answer the following questions:

Thank you for your time and consideration of these questions. This form is CONFIDENTIAL and will not be shared with the offender in this case.

Printed from the Iowa Department of Corrections website on January 28, 2023 at 11:10pm.