Instructions for talking to an offender on the phone. 

Offender Telephone Service

The Iowa Department of Corrections provides telephone service for the benefit of inmates and their families. No incoming calls are allowed.   An offender must add a phone number to their approved calling list to call you. 

For more information, please see the Iowa Department of Corrections Access to Telephones policy.  

How much does it cost?

Local, intrastate and interstate calls cost $.11 per minute with a maximum of $2.20 for a 20 minute phone call.  International calls vary.  

Telephone Rates - Effective August 30, 2023

The costs of providing this service are reflected in the rates charged for its use, which are lower than for most other states. Rates will differ due to maintenance service and reporting of calls.

Iowa law (Ch. 904.508A) authorizes the Department to maintain an inmate telephone fund, the proceeds of which are to be used for the benefit of inmates. The Board of Corrections has directed that these funds be used for the following offender benefits:

  • Legal services

  • Religious accommodations

  • Education

  • Victim services

How do I Add Money to a Telephone Account

Offenders can add money to the phone system from their commissary account.  

You may also send a money order to be added directly to a phone account.  This form must be printed, completed and mailed with the money order following the instructions provided.  

Offender Telephone Service Form

Servicios Telefonicos Para Presos