Policy No Subject Effective Date Redacted
HSF-632 Contraceptive Screening Form 11/2022 No
OP-ED-03 Post Secondary Education 11/2022 No
HSP-632 Hormonal Contraception 11/2022 No
AD-PR-26 Employee Recognition Program 11/2022 No
IO-SE-15 Workplace Violence Prevention and Response 10/2022 No
AD-PR-21 Honor Guard 09/2022 No
AD-PR-07 F-1 Authority For Release Of Information 07/2022 No
OP-MTV-04 Incarcerated Individual Visiting (Spanish) 02/2022 No
HSF-912 F-1b (Without Cirrhosis) Treatment Evaluation Care Plan 11/2021 Yes
HSF-912 F-1a (With Compensated Cirrhosis) Treatment Evaluation Care Plan 01/2022 Yes


Printed from the Iowa Department of Corrections website on December 01, 2022 at 8:05am.