How can I write to an offender


Please note that effective July 21, 2022, the way you send non-legal mail to an offender is going to change.  Until then, please continue to utilize the process below.  

For more information about this new process, please follow this link: Announcement of New Offender Non-Legal Mail Process

Note (5/7/21): Due to increasing levels of contraband introduction via the US Mail system, several prisons are making copies of all incoming, non-legal mail prior to the mail being delivered to the incarcerated person. For more, please see the mail policy via the link below. 

There are two ways to write an offender.  Regular U.S. mail may be sent to the offender at the facility at which they are incarcerated.  Envelopes must be properly addressed and include the offenders full name, IDOC Identification number, and valid return address.  Envelopes must be addressed as follows:

Offender's Name and IDOC ID#

Facility Name

Facility Address

City, State, Zip

Additional information regarding mail and what may be sent through the mail may be found under IDOC "Policies related to offender mail" section on the Policies webpage at Mail, Telephone, and Visiting.

Please note: Under DOC's new policy, senders should be aware of the following (as outlined in policy): 

Only correspondence sent on 8 ½ x 11 white paper will be allowed.
Card stock, greeting cards, glitter, artwork or other adornments are not allowed.
Items that have perfume or other scents are not 
Correspondence must be clear of visible stains.

(please refer to full policy for more)

Email is the second way to write an offender.  Please go to to sign up, and more information on offender o-mail can be found at Corrlinks - Offender E-mail.

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