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Michelle Waddle, Warden
420 Mill Street SW
Mitchellville, IA 50169

  • Mitchellville (Polk county)
  • Medium security

Visiting Hours

ICIW In-Person Visitation:

Saturday and Sunday only/Limited to 5 people

8:00 am to 4: 00pm (by reservation in Ameelio App)

There are 20 visiting stations per 2 hour time slot. 

In-Person visitation is scheduled and conducted only through the Ameelio App

ICIW Video Visitation: Friday and Monday only 
7:30 am to 5:30 pm (Ameelio App only)

There are 5 GP stations and 2 MLO stations per 1 hour time slot. 

Video visitation is scheduled and conducted only through the Ameelio App

*If you do not have access to use the Ameelio app and are an approved visitor with DHS or are an approved Attorney,  you may contact the prison directly to manually schedule an in-person visit. To manually schedule a visit with ICIW please call (515) 725-5042 Friday through Monday ask for the Visiting Room Officer.

Special visits are initiated by the Incarcerated Individual.

For visiting information, please visit the department's visiting page.

Reminder: Per Department visitation policy, all visitors upon entrance to the institutions shall be subject to search. Security and contraband control are critical operational requirements, necessitating a search of all visitors by trained correctional staff. Searches may include, but are not limited to, a pat down, metal detectors, electronic ion scanners, other electronic devices, or visual searches.  If visitors refuse to comply with the Department visitation policy, entrance to the visiting room will be denied.  

The Iowa Correctional Institution for Women is a minimum/medium security prison.  ICIW houses offenders in its dorm-like living units and celled housing. ICIW provides educational and vocational services to offenders including Adults basic Education, special education for eligible individuals, and high school equivalency programs.  Internal work assignments and vocational training courses provide vocational training opportunities. ICIW’s partnership with IWD (Iowa Workforce Development) assists the women with assessments and job skills.

Iowa Prison Industries also provides onsite vocational training.  The institution emphasizes responsibility and accountability in preparing women offenders for successful Reentry to the community. Programs offered focus on interpersonal relationships, domestic violence, career assessment and exploration, self-esteem, parenting, independent living, decision-making skills, victim impact, thinking patterns, and health education.  Curriculums are Evidence Based and gender responsive. A substance abuse prevention, assessment and referral program is licensed by the Iowa Department of Public Health. The facility also houses as in-patient substance abuse treatment program.

FY2022 ICIW Annual Report